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The main benefit of railway train media is exposure time.no other media covers diverse consumers/viewers over a huge area at the same cost for 24 x 7.

The train traveling audience is growing exponently. average train journey length is 50 minutes and peoples more likely to pay attention on advertising while traveling.

More than 65% peoples are believe that trains are good place for advertising.
More than 63% peoples are likely to pay attention on advertise while they travel.
More than 70% peoples notice in-carriage posters.

We Offer:-

We are offering cost effective impression to meet the need of advertisers who either cannot reach their entire audience through print & broadcast or who require frequent repetition of their messages.advertising opportunities that capture consumer’s attention while they are on the move.we provide attractive advertising sites on train and producing impactful displays on location.reaching your target audience with the right message,in right place with right time.indian railways transport over 90% travelers in different railways zone of more than 7000 railways stations.
Double Decker,Shatabdi and Rajdhani express train have a huge brand value.express trains and intercity trains cater the majority of upper and middle class of consumers.

Thus railway trains are new mantra for advertising world.

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